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BlitzCorner Rank'em
Everyone loves their team and thinks it's the best. But is it really...?
Get your users involved and committed with this Rank'em widget. Fans will put together what they think are the top 10 teams, players, and many other lists and size them up with others' rankings.
How it Works
Current Rank
Top part of the current rank 'teases' users to rank
New Top 10?
Users 'drag and drop' players/teams to place their rank
Who Agrees?
Side by side comparison of user's rankings and others' from the network and site
There's more...
  • ▶  
    Vote on sites' and users' rankings
  • ▶  
    Chat tool to debate and discuss the rankings
  • ▶  
    Share on Facebook' and get friends' take
  • ▶  
    Customizable Design
  • ▶  
    Ideal for promoting competitions and prize giveaways
  • ▶  
    Rank'em categories can be standard (best team, best quarterback...) or creative ('best looking athletes', 'best sporting events on the planet', 'players most likely to retire without a ring', any other ideas are welcomed!)
Integrated Ads
BlitzCorner Rank'em integrates a 300x250 ad unit. Two additional ads (728x90, 300x250) are embedded in the rankings pop up window for increased CPMs
▶   Mobile versions of BlitzCorner Rank'em
▶   Interstitial & pre rolls ads
▶   'Invite and challenge a friend to a Rank'em game' feature