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Social Sports Widgets Drive revenue up,
provide a great user experience
BlitzCorner’s Social Sports Widgets add a new social dimension to any sports website. They ensure more returning users and help your site’s community grow. With integrated premium advertisements, we’ve created a great revenue generating solution for our members’ websites.
More returning users Highly addictive and entertaining
Build a community Our Social Sports Widgets
increase user interaction and
promote discussion
Reward your users Periodical BlitzCorner prize
Selected sites get their choice of widgets:
Pick’em As every NFL weekend, MMA event or soccer tournament rolls around, dedicated sports fans think they know who will win each match. Challenge your users and generate a community that keeps coming back, with this slick picks social widget. Users will place their picks, discuss and do some trash talking, revolving around games or matches picks.
Rank’em Who’s the best player in the NBA? Who’s the scariest NFL player? What is the best sporting event on the planet?
Get the conversation going with a social widget that allows users to choose and rank their favorite athletes, the best teams and much more.
All BlitzCorner Social Sports Widgets run premium ad campaigns, resulting in higher revenue for your site.
With slick designs and smooth UI, they are a great solution for sports websites.